“Untitled” by Oliver Robbins

His mind was blown like gale-force winds screaming ‘Get the hell out’. He felt everything on that mountain. He could feel the bee landing on a dead log on the other side. He could feel the worms trying to escape their mole enemies. He felt the grains of dirt churned, stamped, torn and swept away by the summer breeze. He saw everything, the elderly couple who live at the summit, the herd of deer crossing the foothills. He saw through the view of everything on this mountain at once. His skin tingled with the energy of the trees absorbing the fading sunlight. His mind burrowed, flew and swam through the bedrock heart of this mountain. It was a curse given to him by his uncle. This power made him responsible. His mind could be anywhere and everywhere in this mountain. His uncle however lost himself, his body rotted, became part of the mountain he guarded for many lifetimes.


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