“A Great Hero” by Shelby Hotz

From beginnings humble as can be

To holding the world on his back

None can dispute his nobility

That he has strength others lack

A world divided, turned to war

Brother turned enemy, friends lost

Yet he stood with a firm core

Willing to pay the highest cost

To bring back peace forevermore

Through fights both spoken and shot

He lead his comrades through

On troubled worlds, both his and not

With the hope of freedom true

Even when his spark was dimmed

And his loss was felt by all

The spirit and will that personified him

Gave those behind the will and gall

To defy evil’s whim

And revive his mighty thrall

Not death, nor loss, nor war, nor pain

Could beset the great one’s spark

His is a legacy that shall remain

A beacon in every fan’s heart

For there is no here of our time

Than the awesomeness of Optimus Prime

{Prompt: Write a prose poem about your favorite character from a novel/movie/or TV show}


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